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The project originated back in 2005, when I realized that finding a fashionable and original handbag while running around shopping centers is a rather painful task. The standard problem at that time was a meager assortment and everywhere the same thing. I was offended that the needs of many women who give the handbag a throne in their wardrobe remain unsatisfied. The turning point was a visit to a specialized exhibition. There I saw how diverse the world of bags is and how unfair that all this beauty cannot be found in our stores. Now our store is a team of enthusiastic people who have been moving towards the same goal for more than 10 years - to give joy to their customers. We are constantly looking for something new, expanding the range, improving the service so that our customers can purchase not only high-quality and fashionable accessories with the maximum saving of time and money, but also get pleasant, long-lasting emotions for them.

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